In Gainesville, dental implant technology used at Lanier Periodontics is BioHorizons. It’s one of the best dental implant designs available for restorative dentistry. Why is that?
The success of a dental implant depends on osseointegration, which is the body’s reaction to the screw-like implant. Since implants are designed to be biocompatible, the body is able to accept it, instead of rejecting it like other foreign objects. This is osseointegration.
Dental Implants
What sets BioHorizons apart from the other dental implants?  It’s the Laser-Lok technology.

Laser-Lok: Are You Ready to Lock In Your Smile? 

Laser-Lok is micro channels precisely carved into the upper part of the implant. Once a BioHorizon’s Implant is placed in the jawbone, the Laser-Lok’s cell-sized channels rest at the gum line.
It’s common for an implant to have carvings at the top part, but Laser-Lok is smaller, making it easier for the bone and gum cells to make contact with the inner workings of the micro channels.
This decreases the chance of gum and bone recession, which occur when there isn’t a dental implant in place.
For a solid smile, think about dental implants as your next dental solution.
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