By Lanier Periodontics
August 26, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Dealing with tooth loss can be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue living with it. Restorative dentistry can help you rebuild your smile’s foundation, and it’s an area of dentistry we have extensive experience in.  Bone Graft Smile
Implant dentistry is a primary focus at the office of Lanier Periodontics. If you are looking for a tooth replacement that’s permanent and long lasting, a dental implant is a great choice. However, we understand that some patients wait too long to move forward with treatment, thus, jawbone recession occurs. We don’t want patients to feel like a dental implant is no longer a choice for them because it can still be the primary restorative option, as long as a patient is interested in discussing a bone graft. 

What Can a Bone Graft Do? 

Bone grafting allows for a more effective tooth replacement and also increases the support to patient’s facial features. If a patient loses quite a bit of teeth and bone, the facial features will start to sag and the patient will have a more aged appearance.
Primarily, bone grafts are used for saving the bone. If teeth are at risk for falling out, the bone around them can be saved through grafting. It helps to increase the bone support and keep them in place. 

Why Do Some Patients Need a Bone Graft? 

Dental implants require good bone volume and density so they may achieve ultimate functionality and a high success rate. Initially, bone grafting prevents the collapse of the surrounding tissues, whether that is bone or soft tissue. Then, through a process called “guided tissue regeneration,” the patient’s body is fooled biochemically to recognize the graft as natural bone. Over time it resorbs and replaces it with the patient’s own native bone.
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